Avoid Home Vacuum Systems That Lack Power To Clean Deeply

Imagine conducting this test:
You wake up one morning in Dublin, California, go into the kitchen, lie down flat and rub your hair all over the tile floor. Next, you proceed out to the front lawn and roll your head back and forth in the grass. You move onto the sidewalk, trailing your hair all along the squares and cracks and then roll on out to the street where you take a few more rolls across the asphalt. You end up in one of the local Dublin shopping center parking lots, like Hacienda Crossings on Dublin Boulevard.
Dirt, dust, oil, grime, muck, dandruff…your hair and scalp are literally covered with this now, so you hurry home to the shower. There, you get your head wet, load on the shampoo…but don't rinse anything off. You step out of the shower worse off than you were before. Blech!
That's precisely what you are doing to your home's carpets if you are renting or using a wet home vacuum cleaner such as a Rug Doctor or Bissell. Your shoes are tracking in a world of soil every day and grinding it deep into your carpets. The vacuum systems you can rent or purchase simply add water and shampoo to the problem. They do not have the power to truly pry up all that ground-in grime and they leave worrisome moisture and a film of soap hiding at the root of every fiber.
At Eminent Carpet Cleaning, our technicians are on the road every day, getting one-on-one with dirty carpets. Here's a typical scenario I've experienced time and again when coming to provide an assessment and quote for professional carpet cleaning services in Dublin, CA.
The customer has called me because, despite regular home vacuuming, their carpeting has grown oddly dingy, stained in high-traffic areas, and may even have developed a musty odor. I and all of my technicians arrive and make a very close inspection of the carpet.
"What are you using to vacuum?" I ask, already forming a guess from what I have seen during the inspection.
"One of those Rug Doctor wet vacs, but it just doesn't seem to be doing the job," the customer so often replies.
"Do you know you'd be better off just using a dry vac for weekly maintenance and calling in a professional once or twice a year for a deep clean? What you're doing is actually hurting your carpets," I deliver the bad news.
My inspection reveals that the roots of the carpet are caked with soil, giving an overall dirty or discolored appearance. The lighter in tone a carpet in your home is, the likelier it is to take on a soiled appearance faster. If you've been using a shampooing vacuum cleaner, the moisture may even have caused your carpets to come loose and there may be water damage to the backing because of what the home vacuum is leaving behind. This can create a situation in which mold can begin growing, and at the very least, is creating an unsanitary and unsightly environment.
The Professional Carpet Cleaning Difference
Even the most expensive home carpet cleaning system cannot compete with the power of a truck-mounted professional carpet cleaning machine. We use the Hydramaster RX-20 Rotary Carpet Extractor. Eminent Carpet Cleaning is one of the only local carpet cleaning companies that has invested in this truly superior system.
When we clean your carpets, ground-in dirt and shampoo residue get sucked away by awesome vacuum power. All moisture will be removed, preventing damage to your carpet's fibers and backing.
Remember, too, that our trained technicians do all the work for you. Let us get your carpet the cleanest it's ever been while you spend your time on things you'd rather be doing.
Add all this up and you will find that you are better off hiring a professional carpet cleaning company like Eminent Carpet Cleaning once or twice a year rather than renting or spending money on a home vacuum that is bound to do your carpets more harm than good over time.
Why not phone (925) 570-0833 for a prompt, affordable quote for professional carpet cleaning in Dublin, CA today?

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