Berber Carpets Are They Easy to Clean?

Some homeowners love their berber carpets. Others regret the day it was installed. What type of berber carpet will last? Or better yet, in what situations will a berber carpet last? This article will help you understand berber carpeting.

Many homeowners choose berber for the contemporary look, the “no track marks” where you walk, or the often mistaken ease of clean-ability.

Each fiber type and carpet style has different benefits. The type of carpet you purchase should depend largely upon who lives in your home. First, let me say that if you have pets that are prone to scratching at your carpet, you should avoid berber completely. Your pet may snag your carpet and pull up the fibers.

Many berber carpets are made of olefin, which is a VERY stain resistant fiber. Kool-aid, bleach, and peroxide do not stain olefin fibers as quickly (but it can still happen). However, it absorbs oils more than other fibers.

The biggest problem with berber is that most are very light colored. The traffic patterns begin to show oil accumulation and scratches when it starts to wear. Because of this potential problem, if you have pets or kids, a light colored berber may not be the best choice for you. A dark colored olefin berber would be better.

Some berbers are made from nylon. The fibers will not scratch or show oil like an olefin berber will. They are much more durable. However, these fibers are prone to kool-aid, bleach, pet stains, and peroxide spills. If your home is not prone to these types of stains, a nylon  carpet can be a very good choice. If you must have a light colored berber,  nylon or  would be better. However, even with the best grade of carpet, a very light colored fiber will never last as long as the same carpet in a darker color. A 100% nylon mid grade twist is also a great choice.

When buying carpeting, you get what you pay for!

Dark colored berber carpets can be a good choice in any type of fiber. The dark color will not show the oil absorption or scratched traffic lanes as readily as lighter colors.

“Cut Berber”

This is the new style of carpet that looks like a berber pattern, but it is actually termed “Frieze”. The Frieze carpet has all the benefits of berber, but you don’t have to worry about the loops unraveling. A nylon frieze is a very sturdy carpet in most cases. Try to avoid light colored polyester Frieze carpet as it can show oils in traffic lanes. If you ever have any questions about what type of carpet may be suitable for you, contact us.

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