Carpet Cleaning for a Healthier Home

With Pleasanton, CA being a family-friendly suburb, many of these families have numerous pets. If you have pets and like to invite your friends and family over, it’s probably a good idea to clean your house in order to eliminate pet dander and pet urine.  Pet urine is not a pleasant smell and you guests will not want to stick around for a long time. Dogs, cats, birds, and other creatures are not always the most cleanliness roommates. Even if your pet is potty trained, it’s very likely that your animal will leave pet hair and dander on your carpet, furniture, upholstery, and other drapery.

Pet dander is the loose dermal skin cells which our pets regularly shed.  Although pet hair can be easier to spot, pet dander is virtually invisible. The overexposure in your house to pet dander can in some cases lead to asthma, and other respiratory complications.  The proteins from pet saliva, hair, and urine are what usually trigger a person’s allergic reaction. Research gathered estimates that 15-30% of allergic reactions are from cats, dogs, and other animals. Common allergic reactions include rashes and eczema, coughing, watery and itchy eyes, congestion or runny sinus. With excessive amounts of pet dander in your home this can start aggravating your allergies even if you usually are not allergic to cats or dogs.

Not everyone crates their animals, so when left unattended, accidents can happen. Pet urine leaves stains, but also cannot be detected with the human eye. Pet urine is comprised of thousands of bacteria organisms found in urea, sodium chloride, urine acid, and other detoxified wastes. It’s also very difficult and time consuming to get rid of the foul odor pet urine and feces leaves behind. The bacteria live off of any moisture or food sources in the particular area.

After you can determine all the pet urine stains, it’s important to remove and replace the soiled carpet padding. Also, when pet urine is left sitting on an area for a prolonged time period, it may soak into the sub floor. In this case the sub floor needs to be treated with the anti-microbial solution or an enzyme. With extreme cases, some sub floors need to be sealed. After replacing and treating the subfloor level, it’s time to proceed with the carpet cleaning.

A proven and effective carpet cleaning method is through hot water extraction, it’s advised that you clean the underlying side of the carpet. Various carpet cleaning companies use effective and powerful chemicals solutions mixed in their hot water extractors. After the subfloor has been sealed, the back of the carpet is completely clean, and then the new carpet padding and carpet can be set down. Finally, you’re ready for the surface carpet cleaning using hot water extraction.  When the high pressure cleaning is finished, allow your carpet for a sufficient drying time. After you’ve had the hot water extraction carpet cleaning the overall result is a cleaner and healthier home!

If you reside in the Pleasanton, CA area and have pets, consider getting a hot water extraction carpet cleaning that will be beneficial to your entire household. The best carpet cleaners in the industry lay impetus on providing the best cleaning agents on the market. The primary role of the cleaners is to clean carpets; rugs, Tile & Grout, and upholstery to keep them clean for a longer duration without damaging them.

Eminent Carpet Cleaning & Services of the Tri Valley is a professional cleaning company based in Livermore, CA. We also offer carpet cleaning services in Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon and adjoining areas using only the best carpet cleaning products. 

The type of carpet cleaning service that we offer is steam cleaning carpets, exclusively the method known as hot water extraction. The service is specifically offered to ensure long-lasting cleanliness and freshness for carpets and upholstery. ALL CARPET MANUFACTURERS RECOMMEND STEAM CLEANING #1 BEFORE ANY OTHER METHOD – JUST CHECK THEIR WEBSITES.

Our company’s carpet cleaning services are available to both the commercial as well as residential places including homes, offices, schools, churches, gyms, and clinics, restaurants, etc.

In addition, we offer a wide range of cleaning services for Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, and San Ramon. Some of our main cleaning services include carpet and upholstery cleaning, rugs, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, commercial cleaning, office cleaning, and gutter cleaning.

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