The “Bad” Berber is made of polypropylene, often called Olefin or Poly Olefin

Berber carpet looks so good in the store. But, I can't say it enough times – Berber is the style or weave of a carpet, it is not the type of fiber of a carpet. Just like "Shag" or "Saxony", which refer to the appearance and construction of the fiber weave or fiber cut. Berber carpet can be made of different types of fibers or combinations of fibers.

The sales hype surrounding Berber carpet was initially unintentional. The Olefin story and consumer ignorance are really the culprits. The consumer, and far too often the carpet seller as well, is naive to the fiber content of carpet and what it means in terms of performance and required maintenance. The content here is intended to inform anyone with carpeted space to avoid any purchase of a carpet without first having an accurate understanding of what Berber is and is NOT!!! See our original Consumer Report on Berber.

Truly good carpet, like those made of 100% Nylon or Wool, will last for at least 10 years under the worse traffic conditions, Cared for properly that number doubles or triples for Nylon.

The "bad" Berber is made of polypropylene, often called Olefin or Poly Olefin. It has a very bad reputation. So carpet manufacturers are dreaming up new product names every day to disguise the fact that it's Olefin, Polypropylene is a cheap polymer and has only one known real value in the world of carpet namely when it's manufactured into strictly carpet backing material. It doesn't belong on the top as "face fiber". Since this cheap fiber can be woven into Berber style, it is a very misleading imposter of the best soft floor coverings, Nylon or the luxurious Wool carpet.

Nylon still dominates the carpet market and always will. Wool is the only alternative to Nylon carpet and holds a small percentage (less than 5% in the USA) of the market due to cost and lifestyle factors. Wool carpet is usually sold to the very upscale residential and commercial property owners.  However, for about a decade Olefin Berber has been pushed so hard as a Berber alternative that consumers fell for it. In actual use, the result is the constant complaints by consumers of poor performance and misrepresentations of the product.

Some of the thousands of emails we receive complaining about the biggest mistake a home owner can make with regard to Berber carpet. The conclusion, Berber carpet (unless made of 100% wool or 100% nylon) is the worst carpet to buy today! For the record, we do not sell carpet at all. Our endorsement of Nylon and Wool is based on real life experience for more than 8 years and our services on millions of yards of carpet.

The moral of the story is to educate yourself BEFORE you buy any carpet! Eminent Carpet Cleaning will post various articles to assist you in that education. In addition, Cleaning Services for Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon carpet cleaning offers a wide range of cleaning services. Some of its main cleaning services include carpet and upholstery cleaning, rugs and Tile and Grout cleaning, Upholstery cleaning, commercial cleaning, office cleaning and gutter cleaning etc. Eminent Carpet Cleaning services San Ramon, Dublin, Pleasanton & Livermore

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