No Upsell, No Price Jacking, No Surprises with Our San Ramon Carpet Cleaning Service

If you are searching the Internet right now for information on carpet cleaning prices in San Ramon or the Tri-Valley region, or you have seen telephone pole advertising with costs that appear good at first glance, Eminent Carpet Cleaning applauds you for doing your research! Our local carpet cleaning company has been in operation since 2002, and out of concern for your wallet and your blood pressure, we want to take the time to share with you what we have learned about carpet cleaning costs that start out sounding great, but have skyrocketed beyond anything you were prepared for by the time the technicians walk out your door.
The most common offer we see is for whole house carpet cleaning priced at $129.00. We've learned about this deal from new clients who have had to call us in after a competitor has not done a thorough and professional job. Here's what we've discovered about these too-good-to-be-true carpet cleaning offers:
– If you contact one of these companies, you will be given a quote of approximately $129.00, with a promise that this is the total cost to clean your entire home.
– What they don't tell you is that this only covers the actual use of a steam cleaner.
– After inspecting your home, the technicians will tell you that it will cost extra for them to bring their spotter into the house to clean up certain areas. Suddenly, the price starts going up.
– The technicians may attempt to upsell you on other tools or products not covered in the original quote.
– Finally, more often than not, the quality of the work ends up being so unsatisfactory that you will need to either call them back (more money) or hire an entirely different carpet cleaning company because you have lost trust in the initial one.
At Eminent Carpet Cleaning, we have worked hard to understand all of the players in our local field. Many do a fine job, but some, like these $129.00/whole house carpet cleaning companies, have earned a bad reputation among neighbors who then become our clients after having a bad experience with another service. We have discovered that many of these companies have very poor Better Business Bureau records. Always check the Better Business Bureau for complaints before hiring someone to treat your valuable carpets. In nearly a decade of serving the public, Eminent Carpet Cleaning has never received a single Better Business Bureau complaint.
Get a Firm Carpet Cleaning Price You Can Count On with Eminent Carpet Cleaning
If you've been burned in the past by misleading offers and bad service, we are committed to showing you the difference that complete transparency and honest good work make. Here are 10 exceptional reasons San Ramon residents put their trust in Eminent Carpet Cleaning:
– Our quotes are firm. No hidden costs.
– We have the highest quality truckmount carpet cleaning machines in the business.
– Our Prochem quadjet cleaning wands with 4 jets and a 2" vacuum port result in a superior cleaning.
– We use only the best pre-cleaning shampoo on the market.
– We wear company uniforms and drive company vehicles.
– We guarantee that if a spot comes back in 30 days, we'll return to re-treat it, but not one of our clients has ever needed this service.
– We get the job done right the first time.
Our reviews on Yelp attest to our customers' exceptional satisfaction.
– We make sure you understand exactly what our technicians are doing and how it will benefit your home's carpets.
– Our carpet cleaning prices include everything – all our tools, all our machines, all our knowledge at no added cost!

Our Carpet Cleaning Prices
Never hire a carpet cleaning company that makes a mystery of their costs and quotes. At Eminent Carpet Cleaning, our costs are simple to understand:
$32.00 per room.
You can't beat that for a great clean!
We offer a wide array of services. If you'd like more information, you can read up on our steam cleaning for allergy reduction as well as our pet stain and odor removal. We're a licensed Scotchgard carpet protector applicator and offer both residential and commercial carpet cleaning. We clean tile and grout and gutters, too! We hope what you read here on our website will begin to build your trust in our honest commitment to combine quality technicians with quality products and quality machines for the best carpet cleaning service you've ever experienced. We work hard to present information we hope you find to be compelling and helpful, but nothing can replace a personable chat with one of our technicians.

Call Eminent Carpet Cleaning today at (925) 570-0833 to ask any questions about our carpet cleaning prices or to schedule an appointment.

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