Eminent Carpet Cleaning Explains 5 Carpet Cleaning Services In San Ramon CA and Dublin CA: Which Is the Best for you?

From dirt to dust to mold, there are a number of elements that can accumulate on residential and commercial carpets. It’s important to vacuum soil from your carpet on a regular basis because it can damage the fibers. The problem is that vacuuming only removes surface dirt. In order to remove grease, oil, and soil from carpet pile, employing more thorough carpet cleaning methods is essential.

1.     Shampooing method

Shampooing is the oldest, most well-known carpet cleaning method. It involves applying hot water cleaning solution to your carpet and rubbing it in with a motorized circular brush. You have to shampoo one section of your carpet at a time, going over each section at least once or twice. As the shampoo dries, it attracts soil. When it’s completely dry, which is usually the next day, you have to vacuum the shampoo residue and soil.

The shampooing method has many disadvantages. Cylindrical foam shampoo machines tend to leave dirt trapped in the carpet pile, while rotary brush machines may cause over-wetting and damage. The detergents that carpet shampoos contain may leave a sticky residue on your carpet that is a magnet for dirt.

2.     Foam method

The foam method works like the shampooing method. You add cleaning solution to the motorized circular brush, but instead of brushing it directly into your carpet, you let the machine spin and whip the cleaning solution into foam. You apply the foam to your carpet and let it dry for an hour or two. The dirt in the carpet attaches to the foam’s residue. Once the foam dries, you vacuum your carpet thoroughly.

Like the shampooing method, the foam carpet cleaning method does not remove dirt effectively because a vacuum cannot remove foam residue completely. As a result, dust sticks to the residue and begins to accumulate in the carpet.

3.     Dry-extraction method

During the dry-extraction carpet cleaning procedure, a dry absorbent compound is sprinkled on the carpet and worked into the pile with a machine. You leave the compound in the carpet for about a half hour so that it attracts and absorbs soil. Then, you vacuum the carpet thoroughly to remove the compound and dislodged soil. Otherwise, the powdery compound’s residue may eventually show up on your shoes or the cuffs of your pants. Extremely fine powder compounds may even affect your home’s indoor air quality.

4.     Bonnet method

The bonnet method is similar to the shampooing process in that you have to spray chemicals into the fibers of your carpet. The chemicals cause dirt to percolate up to the surface of your carpet. A rotary floor machine with a round absorbent spinning pad attached is used to remove the dirt. The problem with the bonnet method is that the spinning bonnet can distort your carpet’s fibers and leave swirl marks.

5.     Steam cleaning method

The steam cleaning method, also known as the hot water extraction method, is the most effective way to deep clean your carpet and is highly recommended by carpet manufacturers. Contrary to popular belief, the steam cleaning method does not employ steam. A hot water cleaning solution is pressure pumped onto your carpet and then immediately extracted along with dissolved soil using a high-pressure vacuum.

The steam cleaning method is powerful because it utilizes heated water, which helps to break up grease, debris, and dirt. As your carpet dries, it will look as good as new again. The only drawback of the steam cleaning method is that it can soak your carpet if it isn’t done correctly. The key is to apply enough moisture to clean all the way down to the bottom of the carpet fiber, but not so much that the carpet backing gets soaked. To avoid problems and achieve the best possible results, it’s preferable to hire a professional to steam clean your carpet for you.

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